Everyone is building AR headsets, and Google will not stay behind.

We’ve talked about AR/VR headsets from Apple, Microsoft, and Meta in the past. Google was the only major player absent from this conversation, but that’s about to change. After months of sitting on the sidelines, Google is ready to throw its hat into the virtual reality ring.

According to a recent report, Google has set up a brand new lab to develop its upcoming AR/VR headset called Project Iris. The report also says that the prototypes of AR/VR glasses are almost ready.

Google AR/VR headset

Google AR/VR Headset Details Revealed

The leaked details of the upcoming AR/VR headset reveal that it will likely be a wireless device. That’s means that the user will not have to deal with annoying cables while wearing the upcoming Google VR headset. The Google AR/VR headset will look like a pair of ski goggles in terms of design.

Google is also developing its Android-based operating system for its AR headset. And the tech giant is also working on its chip, similar to the Tensor chip found in the current Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, to power its upcoming AR headset. None of us will see the final product until 2024. The report also seems to confirm this, as the Pixel team is reportedly working on Project Iris.

However, it’s hard to get excited about a brand new Google IP. We already know the status of Stadia, and when I hear about a Google AR/VR headset and I don’t immediately think skeptically about a poorly supported product lifecycle with inconsistent updates and support, I have a hard time

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